“When we first met Integra we were very impressed with how professional and efficient they are. What was also immensely reassuring was how transparent they were about staff conditions, which was important for our cleaning team who were TUPEd across to Integra. They weren’t the cheapest but they did represent best value for us. Since their appointment, Integra have lived up to their word and have been absolutely brilliant. Our offices always look good and everything is always done on time, to a very high standard. If there is ever any little niggle I simply email or call our Integra Manager and it is invariably dealt with the same day.”

Office Manager, Stroke Association

“I can’t praise Integra highly enough. Above all they’re honest and attentive and they really understand our needs. We have an excellent rapport with both the management and the individual operatives. They’re very co-operative and flexible in their approach. If a member of staff wants to leave their desk as it is, part way through a task, Integra will clean around it. I get several calls a day offering me cleaning services but I turn them all down. If any little thing bothers us, I only have to call Integra Cleaning Group and it simply never happens again. The team has such a positive attitude. They tick all the boxes for our needs – I really can’t fault them”

Facilities Manager, HCC

“We are very happy with the cleaning services provided by Integra. They respond to our requests promptly and efficiently and also go beyond the call of duty.”


Office Manager, KM Dastur

“The quality of cleaning and level of professionalism from Integra Cleaning Group is high. I have been very satisfied with the level of cleaning they have provided. If I ever have a query I need to discuss with them, I feel they are approachable. They are good communicators and understanding of situations. I would recommend Integra Cleaning Group to any company who is looking for an honest and hardworking workforce who will get the job done.”

Office Manager, Evrythng