From ground floor to high-rise office buildings, internal or external glazing, our team of window cleaners are well equipped and trained to access even the most difficult areas to ensure your windows stay clean and clear.

How often you have your windows or façade cleaned can depend on your budget, the time of year or your location. Whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just a one off seasonal clean we can accommodate your needs and work to build a schedule in line with your budget.

With Integra, the cleaning of glazed areas such as office windows, glass roofs or internal atria is skilfully undertaken in strict compliance with health and safety requirements by using a variety of methods:

  • Water-fed pole system
  • Hydraulic platforms, cherry pickers or cradles
  • Abseiling and rope access

Water naturally contains minerals and impurities which can lead to streaking or unsightly deposits, so we use the Ionic Reach and Wash System. This purifies the water and removes these impurities, resulting in a cleaner finish for longer. Using soap free cleaner and a soft bristle brush to scrub the dirt and grime from the glass, jets of purified water rinse the window leaving a spot-free finish.

Window and facade cleaning from Integra

It is important to remember that window cleaning should not be limited to glass alone. Frames, sills and facia all add to the overall appearance of your property so they deserve the same attention and care. With Integra you can rely on us to ensure your property gets the quality of cleaning it deserves in the interest of protecting your investment.

Additional services:

If required, Integra Cleaning Group can also install barriers to help protect areas of the building that are prone to damage by bird excrement or nesting. Please contact us for further details.

Why choose us?

  • Trained staff – health & safety aware
  • High-level and ground level cleaning
  • Risk assessments & method statements
  • Eco-friendly water system
  • Frames, sills and facia cleaning
  • Protecting your investment

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