Integra Cleaning Group provide a full range of waste management and recycling services to complement our daily cleaning services and enable our clients to achieve environmental best practice.

  • Mixed-waste recycling
  • Daily removal of waste from premises
  • Compactors and balers
  • Shredding of confidential paperwork
  • IT equipment recycling

Waste management doesn’t have to be a headache, if you’re not sure what can be recycled and what can’t, just leave it to us and we’ll ensure all waste is either recycled or disposed of correctly and in line with environmental regulations.

waste management with Integra

High Level Dusting:

Dust and dirt that lies out of sight often contribute to bad odours and poor air quality. It’s easy to forget about high level units or architraves that gather dust and debris. We use professional access equipment to get on the top of every unit, into every corner and clean every angle to ensure any dust build up is removed efficiently.

Much like carpet cleaning, it is important to keep on top of, and eliminate, dust and mold build up as these can contribute to the increase of allergens and other health hazards.

Light Diffuser Cleaning:

Lighting fixtures, such as diffusers or covers, are sometimes the most forgotten part of any workplace. Many clients don’t realise that diffusers can actually reduce the output of light if they are not cleaned and maintained.

The buildup of dust, dead insects and other dirt can greatly affect the performance of your lighting, not to mention being unsightly.

This is a service which can be carried out on adhoc basis or work it into your cleaning package.

Jet washing high level clean

Why choose us?

  • Adhoc jobs carried out at a time that suits you
  • We use high quality products and methods
  • Health & Safety compliant
  • Fully insured and all staff are trained & CRB vetted
  • Providing Quality, Service & Value every time

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